Tour de Splash

Did you know $500 can fund one full day of trail maintenance for the Colorado Mountain Club?


As much time as I spend on trails — often with my border-collie mix, Zia — I try every summer to give back in some way. This year, the CMC’s MountainUp campaign presented the perfect opportunity.

MountainUp is a choose-your-own-adventure crowdfunding effort meant to support the CMC’s various programs, from youth education to outdoor safety courses to conservation. Zia and I have set the goal of raising $500 between now and August 31 to fund a day of trail maintenance for the CMC Conservation Department.

The project we chose is two-fold. We will visit 10 backcountry lakes over the next two months and go “dock” jumping into each. If you’re not familiar with dock jumping, it’s a dog sport comparable to the long jump for humans. The canine takes a running start and jumps out into the water, with the goal of getting maximum distance. Zia competed in the dock jumping at this year’s GoPro Mountain Games.

GoPro Mountain Games

(NOTE: We will make every effort to visit areas where the law only requires voice constraint. In areas where leashes are required, wildlife is present or it’s otherwise prudent, she will be on-leash. We’ll also avoid popular, crowded trails during peak times in an effort to reduce any disturbances. It’s always our goal to be respectful of other trail users, animals and the environment.)

The second part of our quest is to pick up trailside trash during our hikes. Nearly every trail has litter, from small things like accidentally dropped hair ties to more problematic items such as candy wrappers, beer cans or cardboard summit signs. My hope is to pack out enough cumulative trash over the next two months to fill Zia’s nine-liter hiking backpack.

Zia and her soon-to-be-filled hiking backpack.

I’ll be providing updates and photos on this blog throughout our journey. We kicked off last Saturday, July 9, with jumps into Venable Lake and Comanche Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Range. If you enjoy the photos and want to help fund a day of trail maintenance, please donate to my MountainUp fundraising page.

Venable Lake (12,000′) – July 9, 2016
Venable Lake (12,000′) – July 9, 2016
Comanche Lake (11,400′) – July 9, 2016
Comanche Lake (11,400′) – July 9, 2016

Jumps Completed: 2/10
Deadline: August 31, 2016




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